8-Player Fish Table

Dimensions 80”L x 58”W x 31”H Weight is 550LBs

This 8 player metal Fish Table is board ready. The cabinet has dual harnesses for each player station that supports IGS and NON IGS board titles. The cabinet comes complete with a 12v 500 watt PSU, 12/5v 250 watt power supply, 12v adjustable amp, (2)speakers, fuse box, printer foolers, LED lights and all dual player harnesses. The harnesses are pre wired for 12v Bill acceptors and printers. The player station doors are pre-fabricated, so you can easily mount the printers and Bill validators on the doors. Table also have a 55” HDTV protected by a thick glass cover. The cabinets also have wheels and adjustable base stands on the bottom of the table.


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